Client Testimonials

Here is my wonderful collection of client testimonials. They were all posted independantly all over the web like on Yelp, Thumbtack, IdeaFit, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can find them there but I put them all in one page for easy reference.

I love all of you for taking the time to write such wonderful words and I enjoy every moment training with you! Keep the results coming! ;)

Rebecca Byrd (Diablo, CA)

Dolly started working with me in February. I am over sixty, over weight and over gyms. I told her I’d like to work on fitness rather than weight loss. I figured the weight would come off with the fitness and it has. I began at a very low level of exercise and have progressed to what I believe is an intermediate level. I feel stronger, healthier and happier. I would tell anyone that believes they are too far out of shape to regain fitness to NOT give up. Dolly is patient, knowledgeable, very intuitive about how hard to push me and fun. Yes, I said fun. I really do look forward to my sessions with her.

Debbie Rossi (Alamo, CA)

“I have the best personal trainer Dolly T Seeburger. She keeps me motivated and the workouts are intense (no pain; no gain)! She has two spots available. She goes to your home with the equipment anywhere in the Alamo, Danville, San Ramon area.

She is worth every penny!! BETTER THAN GOING TO A GYM!!”

Kathie Hackler (San Ramon, CA)

I have now had four sessions with Dolly and I couldn’t be happier. She started with a comprehensive discussion about my goals including an evaluation of my diet and exercise habits. She started me on a daily journal so that she could track my diet and exercise between sessions. She recommended two sessions a week. She is personable and professional. She definitely knows what she is doing and doesn’t let you get away with sloppy form. I am working to strengthen my core, build some muscle and help my bone health and she keeps the workouts varied and pushes me to do more than i would myself. She even went with me to get some more appropriate shoes and workout attire after our session today!! I look forward to our sessions. This is exactly what I was looking for. I had a Crunch membership for a year and went about ten times. i didn’t want to join a gym just for the personal trainer. This way I don’t have the cost of gym membership on top of the training cost and she gets 100% of the training fee. I worked out with a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness three days a week from 2004-2006 and this is so much better.

Mary DiPiazza (Danville, CA)

From our very first meeting together, I felt completely at ease with her friendly, caring and personable manner. She seemed genuinely concerned about my health and well being, even more than I did for myself! She encouraged me to eat right and her enthusiasm for my well being motivated me to also care more about my health, not just about my “weight” although, happily, that is dropping as well.

Dolly has so many imaginative ways to work out, I never get bored, nor do my muscles. Dolly always checks in with me prior to our sessions to see how I’m feeling- energy level etc., or to see if I have any areas that are excessively sore or painful. She’s able to work around the kinks and quirkiness of my body and still provide me with an awesome workout.

Dolly has a quiet and understated style of motivation that really works for me. She is patient, but determined – determined to help me reach me goals. Her excitement is infectious. I highly recommend Dolly as a personal trainer and would welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone personally regarding this recommendation as well.

Sarah W. (Danville, CA)

I got into exercise with Dolly because my daughter is getting married and I wanted to look and feel better. Dolly and I really click. She knows what I need and what my body can do. She pushes me but I feel really proud of myself when I’m finished with my session. Dolly always says, “Two more!”.

Dolly gives me her full attention when I’m with her. She keeps me on track with my goals and is always encouraging. I look forward to my sessions with her and I hope I will be with her a long time.

Not only does Dolly help me exercise, she helps me with my diet. She tells me what I’m doing right and what will help me lose weight. We keep track of what I eat and what will give me more energy.I feel so much better. Dolly is great at what she does.

Ron Glaser (Danville, CA)

I am an over-65 gym rat who, before Dolly, had never had a trainer. I am in good shape and pretty strong, with a history of nearly daily athletic activity throughout my life. Dolly approached me and asked if I had an interest in getting stronger. Because she is so cheerful and obviously extremely fit, I decided to see what she could do.

I am amazed how helpful she has been. Her impressive knowledge of muscle kinetics and training strategies induced me to discard a workout routine I had let evolve over the years, and adopt a balanced, systematic whole body program. In a short period of time I have observed significant improvements in strength, flexibility and posture. This is exciting. Dolly is remarkable in her ability to analyze technique and offer corrective direction. She is readily able to see what I am doing wrong and what I must do to make it right. She understands physiology so well she can easily articulate proper form and function.

Another thing Dolly does well is to provide a regimen of stretching between exercises so that I am comfortable and efficient throughout the workout. Finally, Dolly is so enthusiastic and upbeat that I feel good during and after the workout.

Dolly is a very caring person and an excellent trainer.

Ginny Bajwa (Danville, CA)

I felt an instant connection with Dolly. She is not just a great trainer but has a wonderful personality too. She motivates and encourages you to reach your desired goals. I had always been reluctant to have a trainer before but now wish had met her much earlier, but again its never too late. I absolutely love working out with her!!

Amrita Bajwa (Danville, CA)

Dolly is a fantastic trainer – I came home to California from living on the East Coast about a month and a half ago, not feeling too good about myself and my body. I began training with her and in just a few weeks I have lost 7 pounds and a total of 3.5 inches; in addition to gaining serious MUSCLE, confidence and a better self-image. Time flies by when you are exercising with Dolly, she makes working out intense and absolutely fun! She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and different training techniques, and will take the time to answer all of her clients’ pressing questions.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dolly as a trainer to everyone and anyone who is looking to improve their health. Plus, she is a great hiking buddy!

Jamie Schiller (Alamo, CA)

Dolly is an awesome trainer! She is very knowledgeable about exercising safely and effectively and makes every session fun and unique. She helped me reach my goal of toning up for the summer by making me keep a food journal and teaching me about nutrition as well as pushing me to my full potential at the gym. I would definitely recommend training with Dolly if you want fast results!

Ava Mehrpour (San Ramon, CA)

Dolly is amazing and beautiful inside and out. She’s loving, truly cares for people. and knows the exact way to where you want to be. Not only that, but she will walk (or rather run) the whole way with you till you get there!

Deborah Stewart (Alamo, CA)

Dolly is an excellent personal trainer. I worked with her 3x per wk for two months and was very impressed with my results. She is very thorough and designs a personal program which includes menu ideas for each individual client. She constantly changes the routine to ensure that you are challenging yourself, and working at a high intensity so that you get the desired results. Most importantly, Dolly is a great teacher because she makes sure that when you leave her, you have the knowledge and the tools to train independently on your own.

Rob Correia (San Ramon, CA)

Dolly does a wonderful job as a personal trainer. She understands what you are looking to accomplish with your sessions and modifies them to keep it fresh and exciting. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Now that you’re convinced ;) Want to workout with me? Email me here or give me a call at 925-334-2533


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