How to Make Brown Rice Sushi

Brown rice sushi can already be found at my local Safeway but still rare at sushi restaurants around the Bay Area. I don’t know whether they are common anywhere else in the world but I like it (it’s like taking something healthy and making it even healthier) and if you like brown rice you will like this too.

Now don’t stop reading and jump straight into the kitchen because you will end up with sushi that you have to eat with a spoon out of a bowl.

There is more to it than cooking the brown rice the way you usually would.

How to make brown rice sushi


1) 1 cup of short grain brown rice
2) 3 cups of water
3) 2 tbsp of rice wine vinegar


1) Rinse the brown rice only once and put it into the rice cooker with the 3 cups of water
2) Cook for 40-50 minutes (until the “cook” light turns off) and turn off rice cooker
3) Using a plastic or wooden rice paddle mix in the rice wine vinegar thoroughly
4) Shape the rice into your sushi roll of choice

Here are some IMPORTANT tips:

1) Rinsing the rice too much would reduce the stickiness
2) Ratio of water to brown rice has to be 3:1 to make sure they clump
3) Do not leave the rice in the rice cooker on warm or it’ll get dry and seperate
4) Wet your hands before handling/shaping rice

Resources (with pictures) for making different types of sushi:

1) If you don’t have a bamboo roller, you can make gunkan-maki (battleship shape rolls) temaki (handrolls) or nigiri (pictured below)

2) Here’s a great tutorial on how to make tamago nigiri (sweet egg omelette)

3) If you have a bamboo roller you can make maki (rolls)

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