Healthy 2 Minute Chinese Inspired Dessert

Ever wondered why a lot of Asians particularly Chinese are on the lighter side of the pendulum scale? Well this is one of the reasons: Chinese desserts are mainly on the lighter side. For example it is a common occurrence that chilled fruits, sweet peanut soup and tofu pudding is served after meals. I mean I can’t imagine eating Tiramisu after Sweet & Sour Pork. Can you?

Healthy 2 minute dessert

The strawberry looks bruised but it really wasn’t!!

This simple dessert is inspired by Tofu Pudding (Tau Fu Fah) that is made from soy milk. I bought some Tofu Pudding from the grocery store a while ago and it sucked (it was like firm tofu) So I had an epiphany to use silken tofu and put a spin on it. This is a perfect pre-workout meal: you got your protein and your sugar too!

Healthy 2 Minute Tofu Dessert


Silken Tofu Dessert

1) 2 scoops of Silken tofu (TIP: Use a rice paddle to scoop)
2) 1/2 cup of your choice of fruits
3) a drizzle of honey/ agave
4) a sprinkle of sliced almonds


1) Scoop some silken tofu and settle it slowly on the bottom of a bowl
2) Place cut up fruits, then drizzle your honey and sprinkle on your almonds

Optional syrup:

For those of you who want it to taste similar to Tofu Pudding try making this ginger syrup. You can omit the fruits and almonds and just use this for sweetness.

Boil 1/4 cup of water + 1/2 inch of ginger smashed + your drizzle of honey

And if you are like me and you’re itching to try the real thing, here is the recipe by a Malaysian for making real Tofu Pudding. It really ain’t too hard. Here is my attempt.

Homemade Tau Fu Fah

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