Beetroot Raita Recipe

A client of mine inspired me to try making beetroot raita after I was talking to her about the benefits of beetroot for hypertension. For those haven’t heard of raita, it is a yogurt based Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi condiment often used as a side, sauce or dip that can be seasoned with different herbs and spices.


I found a simple recipe online from Ecurry but decided to change it up because I didn’t know what to think of a spicy yogurt dip.

So here is my raita recipe. WARNING! Do not wear white clothes to cook beets, I will not be responsible for any laundry bills.


1) 1 medium red beet (2″ diameter)
2) 1.5 cups of fat free Greek yogurt
3) 1/3 cup of toasted walnut pieces
4) 5 mint leaves (muddled)
5) Spices: paprika, ground cumin


1) Peel and slice beetroot into 4 pieces and boil the beet (approx 30-40mins).
2) Mix Greek yogurt, spices, walnuts, mint leaves until smooth.
3) When done, dice the beetroot and add into yogurt.
4) Garnish with sesame seeds or more mint leaves.

Nutritional Info

2 tbsp per serving (makes approx 16 servings)
Cal 26, Fat 1.5, Carbs 1.4, Protein 2.3g


She is such a beautiful dish that all I wanted to do was take pictures of her in lots of compromising positions but then I had a bite with a wheat thin and I forgot about the pictures :) Definitely a party dip.

Here’s an article I wrote recently on the benefits of beetroot. 

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