5 Disgusting Things You Have Been Eating Unknowingly

WARNING! If you have just ingested any of these items please have a puke bucket at hand. I will not be responsible for any upheaval. Good luck.

1) Can I have my bread toasted with hair spread please?

sendimage (2) images

That’s right. Hair. Many packaged breads and baked goods contain L-cysteine- a non essential amino acid that is made from dissolved human hair, mainly from China (what isn’t) and duck feathers. Yum yum. I went straight downstairs and check my bread and tortilla. Needless to say I will be making bread at home from now on.

2) I’ll have my vanilla ice cream to go, oh and don’t forget the beaver’s pee.

1255013231-melgibsonbeaverPhiladelphia vanilla ice cream

Castoreum found in some vanilla & raspberry flavored products (not in vanilla extract so don’t freak out) is actually the anal secretions and urine from a beaver. Most of the time it would be listed as “natural flavoring” but of course I would call a beaver’s waste natural wouldn’t you? It’s recognized as safe and approved for use in foods by the FDA. If you really want to know what “natural flavors” are in your food, do contact the manufacturers, although I’d like to see you get a straight forward answer.

Hey maybe finally you would kick the sweet tooth?

3) Mmm crushed insects on my yogurt. Yummeh!

bugs-08 (1)tumblr_m321uzzDbn1ru7ujmo1_500

The beautiful ruby red  coloring that you see in yogurt, ice cream, juices and many other grocery products is actually made from Carmine, the crushed abdomen of the female Dactylopius coccus, an African beetle-like insect. I wonder how many bugs I’ve eaten from my red velvet cakes.

4) My bubblegum is sheep’s wool flavored. 


Well most likely it is spearmint flavored but Lanolin, a goopy, oily secretion found in sheep’s wool is FDA-approved as a softening additive in chewing gum. Also found in cellophane.

5) Petroleum-derived food dyes causes developmental problems in children.


Now this really isn’t funny at all. Parents sometimes its better to be paranoid than sorry. Most artificial food dyes are made of petroleum-derived chemicals. Am I saying “no candies” for my kids? No I’m saying I would try and limit it. Because studies show that artificial food dyes which are found in soda, fruit juices, candies may contribute to behavioral problems in children and lead to a significant reduction in IQ.

I only wrote 5 even though there are so much more out there. Examples are like wood pulp in shredded cheese, sand in Wendy’s chili, fish bladder in some beer. I have yet to research all of it but these 5 I have and yes I do believe that there are concrete evidence that these aren’t hoax. Plus I didn’t want to ruin your dinner. Bon appetit!



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